Cystic Acne Prevention

Cystic Acne -

This type of acne will not be cured usual drugs are sold freely.

Use a scrub, no impact either.

Cystic Acne can only come to you skin doctor, get a prescription antibiotic pills like tetracycline.

The use of antibiotics can you feel for one month.

If no changes are good, you ask for a new prescription, prescription Acutance.

Effective drug, but controversial.

Caution in pregnant women, it can damage the fetus.

Healing, drug reactions can be long, five months.

It is a panacea.

Genetic Characteristics of People with Cystic Acne

Genetic Characteristics of People with Cystic Acne -

Patients with cystic acne, have genetic characteristics such as:

1. Facial skin has large pores with the oil glands that produce sebum exceed normal limits or over-active.

2. The process of skin cell regeneration is very slow, not as fast as in normal skin.

3. Sensitive, skin inflammation often occurs, so that the skin of acne scars can not be lost.

4. Dirty blood cells.

Honey Mask

Honey Mask - Many kinds of facial treatments depending on skin type and depending on financial conditions.

The treatment is expensive, certainly better result, because the materials and methods is very complete and tested.

Do not worry, a simple facial treatment no less good, because modern treatment is currently widely used natural ingredients.

Try these simple ways,
This treatment is only available material around us, using honey and fine grain of salt.

Benefits of honey for skin, we already know it, salt it serves as a scrub.

Let's take honey to taste and salt not too much, expect for one time use only for this night only.
After being mixed to form a gel, and apply all over the face, let sit about 10 minutes then wash.

Do it regularly.

Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne - Bumps on the surface of the skin, epidermal cysts are small. In medical language called milium. Inflamed and hurt.

What if you met a beautiful face this type of acne?

The cause include, heredity and lifestyle are irregular.

The cause is other, oily skin, caused by hormonal factors, diet high in fat and carbohydrates. The release of dead skin is not perfect, are often exposed to the sun, the use of cosmetics, and eating too much spicy food so clogged sebaceous glands.

Tips for female organs are not slimy

Women will feel sad if your husband or spouse complain with our female organs.
Too much mucus, wet, makes us uncomfortable pair.

Do you not feel fear if we turn away couples looking for another woman?

In order for the female organs is not too wet with mucus, you can try taking the herbs below.

Take a betel nut, remove fibers, and shredded betel nut.
Once soft, you can boil a glass of water.
If the water is reduced to half a cup, then strain and drink 1 week once a regular basis.

Guaranteed your female organs are not muddy, wet too much mucus.
Your relationship with friends will increase harmony, love and affection.

Hole Shrinks Pore Skin Tips

Hole Shrinks Pore Skin - Genetic factors, the main factor making the size of skin pores.
The older we are, the pores will be larger.
It is very influential on the appearance of a smooth and supple skin.
So that we no sooner had it, try to follow these tips:

Diligent cleaning of your make-up every night. Do not be lazy. Do not sleep quickly. Try to clean your face, even a day you do not wear make-up.
You do not want it if you look like a dumpster filled with piles of dust and oil.

That dirt dust and oil is gone, use a soap that contains salicylic acid.

Then use a regular moisturizer you use.

For daytime, do not forget to avoid direct sunlight hit your face.
use a sunscreen that suits you.
Realize that the sun can damage your skin's collagen.

Choosing a Skin Moisturizer

Skin Moisturizer > Moisturizer is mandatory for cosmetics. Use a moisturizer should match your skin type, to be safe and healthy.
Normal skin type, choose a lightweight moisturizing lotion or moisturizer that contains AHA. Use regularly once a week, so that no skin irritation.

Creamy moisturizer, very good for dry skin.

What if you have oily skin?
Should use a moisturizer?
The answer certainly is "necessary". Use a moisturizer that abortion could regulate oil levels.

Some people always use moisturizer in excess, is actually not good, ineffective and even cause problems.
Remember, the skin has a limited absorption capacity. Instead there we smooth skin becomes irritated, scratched or damaged.
Use reasonable care but regularly and in an appropriate manner.
Use a moisturizer on the skin with gentle movements and a little massage can help stimulate blood circulation.

Tips to Prevent Smooth Wrinkles

Prevent Smooth Wrinkles-If you start to see fine wrinkles around the eyes, immediately perform maintenance. Wrinkles appeared from the age of 25 years, or different individuals.
The following tips,

1. Be careful about using a moisturizer, use a moisturizer specifically for eye skin. Eye skin is very sensitive.

2. Replace special moisturizer if the problem still arises.

3. Prohibited uses moisturizers have others, because of differences in the sensitivity of each skin around the eyes.

4. Avoid rough treatment of the skin around the eyes, treat it gently.

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