Choosing a Skin Moisturizer

Skin Moisturizer > Moisturizer is mandatory for cosmetics. Use a moisturizer should match your skin type, to be safe and healthy.
Normal skin type, choose a lightweight moisturizing lotion or moisturizer that contains AHA. Use regularly once a week, so that no skin irritation.

Creamy moisturizer, very good for dry skin.

What if you have oily skin?
Should use a moisturizer?
The answer certainly is "necessary". Use a moisturizer that abortion could regulate oil levels.

Some people always use moisturizer in excess, is actually not good, ineffective and even cause problems.
Remember, the skin has a limited absorption capacity. Instead there we smooth skin becomes irritated, scratched or damaged.
Use reasonable care but regularly and in an appropriate manner.
Use a moisturizer on the skin with gentle movements and a little massage can help stimulate blood circulation.

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