Foot Skin Care

Skin of the feet are not immune from this treatment for women, especially if the skin is rough and chapped, feels ashamed to be seen all around us.

Natural tips below may be a solution,

Provide the following materials:

3 tablespoons olive oil 1sdm coffee and then 5 tablespoons cold lotion, after being stored in the refrigerator, and 500 ml of liquid milk, do not forget a basin of warm water.

The trick;
Put 500 ml of liquid milk earlier in the basin.
Make a scrub of a mixture of coffee, lotion and olive oil, stirring until blended to be creamy.
Please soak your feet in a basin that has warm water and milk in a few moments, could be 5-10 minutes.
After that, pick up and apply it to scrub all parts of the leg by rough, with a massage can let me feel more relaxed.
Then enter the back of your legs back into the bowl, set aside some time and clean, wash with clean water.

May be useful.

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